Pasteur’s Great Experiment

Before we begin, this is about a great historical experiment. It says nothing about the efficacy and utility of vaccines. Don’t confuse science with technology: vaccination is a technology. We can accept Pasteur’s experiment on anthrax in sheep while understanding that it doesn’t apply elsewhere. Specifically, it doesn’t validate or invalidate any other vaccine, in … Read more


The Purpose Of a System Is What It Does. Let’s take a trivial example. What is this for: A radiator has one dominating characteristic; it gets hot. Its purpose is to heat the room. Now, something a little more demanding. What’s the purpose of this cheetah’s behaviour: It’s hunting. The purpose of its current behaviour … Read more

Vitamin C And Cancer (Part 1)

Linus Pauling and others claimed that vitamin C is a highly effective cancer treatment when used correctly. They supported these claims with initial clinical trials that indicated an unprecedented increase in life expectancy. In addition, the initial results suggested a remedy far more potent than existing medicine could provide. Pauling was not the originator of … Read more