This is a personal blog written in a heuristic style. Heuristics are rules of thumb used in problem-solving and explanation. They simplify and provide an outline model but are not exact. The blog is for information and educational purposes only. None of this is advice in any form. I assume the reader is sufficiently intelligent to make rational choices. For example, my discussion of cancer treatment assumes that the reader is responsible for their own decisions.

The author considers that people have a fundamental human right to make their own decisions and take personal responsibility for those decisions. Therefore, the blog does not constrain the information it provides by political correctness or other forms of censorship. Instead, the author believes in free speech and individual responsibility.

Having published numerous scientific and related peer-reviewed papers, the author has concluded that so-called peer review is another term for censorship. Real scientists can interpret research themselves and not be told what they can and cannot read. A  person who requires others to validate a paper is not a scientist or perhaps is a researcher working far outside their discipline and expertise. Real scientists think for themselves. Readers are similarly respected and expected to do likewise.

Steve Hickey

Steve Hickey is a biophysicist with widespread interests. He has a new smart biology approach to life and evolution based on biocomputing rather than genes and selection. Over the years, he published numerous research papers in fields such as medical physics, pharmacology, statistics, bioengineering, imaging, cancer, and nutrition. Dr Hickey has also published several books, such as Ascorbate, Tarnished Gold, and Smart Biology.

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